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Interviews: Bradley & Angel

Some minor spoilers for S1 and S2. You've been warned. hehe

I used google translator so the translations are NOT 100% accurate. Maybe only 90%? LOL

A huge thank you to osept for finding the interview links and posting them over at merlin_tv

Angel Coulby's Interview

First Monday of June. While the whole world, the choice, take Monday off his or her hard food boxes the day of solidarity, we got up early to start making a small campsite in the Oise near Compiègne. After only an hour bus horizon presents a magical spectacle: trees of the forest of Compiègne give way to majestic towers of the castle of Pierrefonds. The reason for this trip? It is in this castle that busy daily crews of the new BBC series Merlin, whose first season came out at us this week on DVD. Soon, the entrance to the fortress reveals the main square in which are usually turned many external and technicians are busy in the middle of the visitors to prepare an action scene in the basement.

First step in a journey that has just begun a tour of the castle that includes several rooms which have already been filmed many sequences of the first key season. Room custody massive room knights barded badges heavy history, chambers of some characters, we seem to return back several centuries. And after this first tour, is presented to us the actress Angel Coulby, apparently returning from a hectic sequence. No doubt exhausted but still smiling, the girl gives us a few minutes, the time of a small interview.


Can you tell us what stage you turn today?

Today we enfuyons with Santiago Cabrera, who plays the role of Lancelot. He just save me and we run through tunnels to escape from our pursuers.

How is it that you wear the type of dress is usually Morgane?

In fact, it happens that I do spend a little for her, and when you see the scene, you will understand why (laughter). I have to get to it for a while.

Early in the series, we really feel that your character, Gwen falls in love with Merlin. What is it?

Yes, I think that initially when she crosses it a little clip for him. She is heroic in some way she does not know he has all these powers and he is a servant. She is extremely brave, and it inspires a bit. But it never does in this direction, it does not act on it, it really is too shy for that. But I think that their relationship evolves into something more platonic. They became good friends thereafter.

What was your reaction seeing what the writers have made Gwen, when you read the script for the first time? In the original legend, it is still a princess ...

Well I knew the writers and reinventing the myth that the characters are quite different from what people usually expect. But I was very happy. I am probably one of the few people able to play Guenièvre over a longer period, and fact that the writers have decided to show it in its infancy, when she is young, humble and shy, with all the way to go, it's really exciting for me as an actress. It's great.

Is it fun to play in costume?

It's very pleasant. As we often say, what we are doing is playing different roles, so we love our dress. Often we find ourselves in roles where we have no costume to wear other than jeans and t-shirts. So it's very funny. I love it. Especially if one considers the dress I'm wearing today!

Do you see a big difference between being run here in Pierrefonds, and being run in the studio?

Completely. In Wales, we are turning into studios, this has nothing to do with turning into real sets. Every time we turn here, I am inspired and I can not believe how it's huge and fantastic. This helps you to really dive into the role when you turn in an environment resembling that in which the characters.

Have you encountered people Pierrefonds?

Yes absolutely. We work with some extras and share many scenes with them, so we often cross, and we go out in bars, too, is very pleasant.

Do you remember the first time you saw the castle?

Yes, it was incredible, he got up from the horizon, gradually. People always think that these are special effects, it is a castle in 3D, but it's really a set authentic, a kind of castle fairy tale that appears in the scene. I écriée "Woah, it is huge! "It was fantastic.

What pushed you to participate in the project?

Well I read the script and I found it excellent, it was very well written. I also know Shine Productions, I know their work, they produce very high quality. And as I said, the role is written on the length, so for an actress, it's a little work of your dreams, the type of partition in which you want to get involved, the kind of role that a career change. I loved the character. I found her funny and lovable, and once again it has much to live.

Did you know that the Arthurian legends before landing on the project?

I had always heard several versions of the legend, the knights of the Round Table, the romance between Arthur and Guenièvre ... But I knew especially the television series of the BBC in which had played Sam Neill. If we look today it is a little cut, but at the time was impressive (Laughter). I had spoken much I loved this mix of magic, fantastic, and I remember having said that I would love to play the role of Guenièvre, this is a interesting character.

What makes this play a woman who is generally described as the most beautiful woman in the world?

(Laughter) Well, it's very flattering! I think I do not see the role this way. I think if I was told "That you will play the most beautiful woman in the world," I would have said 'Great, ok! . (Laughter) It's very nice to find this kind of role, but it's not like what I see.

Who would you choose between Arthur and Lancelot?

It is difficult, they are both very different. They are very beautiful, it will be, but they each have a character with traits that I admire. With Lancelot, it is passion, it feeds? something hard against her, while with Arthur, it is to find hidden his kindness and all that stuff. I can not choose, it's difficult. I take two (laughter).

Ultimately, it seems more comfortable with Merlin ...

Yes, they are both about the same level, in the sense that both are servants. It identifies itself much more to him than it would with Arthur, for example, making it Part of the aristocracy and belonging among the servants. Merlin is undoubtedly a great friend, and she trusts him completely.

In the first season, your character is a very right, very moral, and perhaps represents Does the moral of the series. Is this a feature that evolves in the second season?

Actually, I think Gwen is somebody who has that nobility of heart. It is of great concern to the people of Camelot and think that the aristocracy and the king are not only be important that the people also. This is something that has always been part of it and I do not think it changes a day. If not strengthen.

Does the success of the series in England than in the rest of the world, you surprised?

Say that at some level, I did not think it would work as well around the world. I knew the stories were good, I saw the work on the board's efforts in post production and quality of the whole. And to be honest, there is no equivalent at the moment, not in Britain anyway. So I assumed that people would be intrigued. In addition we have a fantastic distribution, composed of very talented actors, and people always want to watch this type of heroic. So even if I did not expect this magnitude, I expected all along that this works. I was very surprised of the opposite.

Is that you already recognized abroad?

I have not traveled much, if not here (laughter). Sometimes we stroll to the market here, Colin, Bradley and I, and someone recognized Colin saying "yes, the boy who plays in Merlin. And we recognize me sometimes in London, people watch you in another way.

It is now over a year that you work on this series. Do you believe in magic?

I would (laughs). I am one to believe what I see, so I would be inclined to believe, yes.

What is the most fun you remember from the start of filming?

Well, this season we have many more scenes on horseback, so it's already more fun, but now that I am the most fun was probably last year when we gave us the swords, and we had to fight, because it is generally more field boys. Men have fun and we look, we have begged the producers, "please, give us weapons! "And finally they come to us on the grant. We mixed with the stunt, in the episode where the town of Merlin is attacked.

We let the actress then rest before his next scene. For our part, we will soon be shooting an action scene before meeting Bradley James (Arthur), Katie McGrath (Morgan) and Colin Morgan (Merlin). A suivre, donc ...


Bradley James' Interview

Time has decided to be positive. There is indeed a bright sun in the city of Pierrefonds, while we are preparing to attend a scene of the shooting of Merlin, the new series of the BBC whose first season with us being out on DVD. But if the sun dazzles us, that is at the bottom of the cellars of the castle that are happening today outlet views. While the press has committed us to descend into the catacombs where a generator will supply a few screens and lighting contrast with the massive stones and planks of wood.

 If you turn left you will see the lair of the dragon" we "she says, indicating a large metal grid while we continue to push in the inner castle. Both emergency and that we cross, ready to intervene at the slightest glitch, are not here by chance. If the outside temperature was very pleasant, there is freezing cold here. Of most impossible to ignore this ubiquitous white dust that covers the graves disturbed by some equipment. Indeed all members of the team wear masks. After a few minutes there is silence. Lancelot (Santiago Cabrera, former Isaac Mendez from Heroes) appears at the end of a corridor and load our management before making an about face and to defend himself against his attackers. The action is shot in one plane, the choreography is dynamic, nervous.

Unfortunately we do not see more because it is time to restore James Bradley on the outside, but we are obviously anxious to know what will happen when the gentleman this second season. Outside, the weather turned cloudy and the breeze. This does not prevent the young actor who plays by the future King Arthur, for hosting us totally relaxed, in tracksuit and sunglasses on his nose. Sign sequences also after heavy concentration is known to rest on the tray. And as you will see, occupations during moments of rest are a variety ...

What was your first impression when arriving at the castle?

During the hearings, the team showed us pictures of what it looked, but I immediately refused to see them. I knew it was going to turn on location and I heard how it was fantastic, but I've seen absolutely nothing. On leaving the Eurostar, we got on a bus and we arrived here by climbing a hill. And arriving at the summit, the castle has emerged from a single face to the sunset. My jaw fell to the ground and I thought to myself, "What is that thing? . This helps you much to do your job when you do not have to imagine. This creates an ideal environment for us. We are very fortunate.

Do you sleep in the castle?

I asked "Give me a room for the night, but unfortunately we have no right to stay on site. I think it might be fun to spend time here, but we log in fact in a hotel a little further. I am sure that if we had the right, some of us would be happy to do so, without doubt Richard and Anthony. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Does the magic castle? Is it strange things happened?

Strange things, no, apart from a group of people who have moved to real fighters from the Middle Ages. Since the beginning of filming, more and more people come to us therefore to see them this must seem strange. But for us who come here often and are accustomed to, it is perfectly normal.

Are tours of the castle bother you?

Not necessarily. Last week, we had a movie to run on the main square and all of a sudden, three groups of visitors, mainly school groups, have landed, accompanied by English tourists watching us and showing us the finger, speaking to the team and asking if they could take pictures. But this is something to which one gets used, the act of performing itself.

 There is a sort of competition between your character and Merlin in the series, while being very close to each other. What is your relationship with Colin behind the scenes?

Colin is a very good friend. I could not talk about his past, but from what I understand, he was raised in the Catholic tradition, and this is reflected in his opinions and attitude. So at this level we are quite opposite, and rightly, I think it works. Moreover, by working directly with people all day, we have the opportunity to learn, and as we work together all the time, I had the privilege of sharing many moments with him. It is very funny, we became very close, we laugh a lot. We spend very good moments on the set.

 Being a very sports you have helped prepare the role?

I think one of the major points that I emphasize in describing Arthur, is that it is for me a kind of medieval sports. For me, I sport my whole life, and I find that the discipline fits the character. When I play a scene in which Arthur leads his knights and Merlin, I am in a dynamic similar to the one I have on a football field. I use a lot of what I learned about the land for playing Arthur and reproduce how it manages people during the fighting. It is something very convenient for me to apply this to the sword fights, for example.

Do you play soccer with the rest of the team?

Unfortunately it is quite difficult. There is a football field near the lake, and it plays during lunch breaks, as soon as is possible, but it's hard because it is often very hot, and as soon as one runs a little sweat very quickly. As the result, I must be presentable to shoot scenes of the day, we are very careful.

Do you see a days your character fall in love with Gwen, since according to legend, you're headed in that direction?

It is true that one is supposed to go through this, but I think it's something that concerns the producers yet. Because at the end of the first season, it still seems very distant. Given the way they had establish the character of Gwen, it makes it difficult that one can believe at once, and I think the public will judge how qu'auront producers to bring the thing.

Have you an idea of the number of seasons that have been planned?

As an actor, you must consider the project a season at a time. We are only aware of a vague idea of where our characters are going. Everything is very secret, and it is really difficult to know where you go.

Do you think the possibility of a series devoted to Arthur?

I think this is possible, but you must take into account the longevity of Merlin. I think the series is too focused on what happens to Merlin to do justice to the story of Arthur. I think that this can be done, but it can not be done well. So it is better to focus on Merlin yet.

How are you preparing to embody such a legend?

I loved the fact that, initially, Arthur is not a nice character for simply being nice. Because it is the kind of partition that bored to death. There is always a reason for everything. Regarding Arthur, it must always bear a attitude because of the responsibilities that his father put on his shoulders, and its title. He can not afford to be an idiot and do anything. What I started to do at the beginning, so to attempt to define what relations it has with each of the other characters. For example, I told Colin that I was probably the martyrize at the beginning, and that's what I did, because it was the basis of our relationship. And when we got to filming it works perfectly. Fortunately, it did not for him, Colin is very humble. It was a simple way to flat relations: Merlin is my boot, Morgana, in turn, is the kind of voice that arrogant never stops, but I must also pay attention to the fact that I am concerned about it because it is here for so long. Gwen is somebody I do not recognize the existence, this figure is Uther I'm trying to impress permanently ... It was therefore necessary to define all this before the glue does.

 Can you tell us about your first encounter with Anthony Head. It seems that you are a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Yes absolutely, I plunged into Buffy, I thought it was very well written. It was a very surprising. And I saw the day of our first rehearsal. Several names had been put forward for the role of Uther, and I think it was not included. So I did not know he was going to be there. When I saw him, I told the person next to me: "But what is he doing here? "And I was told" Well, he is your father! . So I felt like a sheep going to the slaughterhouse. I approached and I told him: "Hello, I am your son. I do not know if we will we hear from the start because I might stutter much at first. And he started laughing and made me feel at ease. It is a very warm man, he took the father role very seriously.

Have you learned much from him during the shooting?

Yes, I think subconsciously, you notice many things in the sense that he and Richard [Wilson] really behave professionally. Anthony has always been present to help us move forward. It'sa real pleasure to work with him and to have as a mentor to our side, while changing adventure.

What makes it work here with a team and french extras and alternate with the filming in Wales?

You ask me a rather strange time for me because it is now several times that we come here. We're just back in a sort of routine from the time. But I sometimes feel nostalgic for home because it is not really the place where you are, but people with whom you are. In fact, there are few people between 18 and 26 years near Compiègne (Laughter). So I have no real social circle. I am a very sociable and when I returned, I found my friends and we go out.

 What can you tell us about the second season of the series?

Exactly, what can I say? I think the biggest difference for me is that whenever I read a new script, I wonder how they will be able to put all this in just 45 minutes! The first season was pure, both in the progression of intrigue as to how everything works. Today, the bar is higher. There is much attention paid to the quality of the series, each episode is so much dense, it resembles a movie! How to take all this? This is something that we see during the shooting. The level is higher, and you should be able to keep up.

 Is it that you are not envious sometimes magical powers of other characters? Many other players played with authority, and Arthur has sometimes seemed a bit silly since everyone uses it and it is not aware of anything ...

I agree that the series can not continue indefinitely without that Arthur was finally informed. I think it would be rather ridiculous if it lasts too long, and the characters lose their credibility. But on Arthur if you look at what the other players, Colin spends his time extend your arms and say things incomprehensible. For me, it gives me a sword and it tells me to run around and beat the people. You can keep the magic, I keep my sword without problems. (Laughter)

 Did you have to follow special training, take courses fencing or riding for inclusion in the series?

I admit that the first time I mounted on horseback, it was for the series. The producers have enrolled in a course for us to be at. I feel I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to explore it, especially as I enjoyed myself so much. For fencing, I got for my first day in a warehouse with a man named Andreas Petrides fantastic. He gave me a sword and a shield, and a type I was playing a bad guy jumped above and was told: "Come on, defend yourself." It worked from there, there has never been a time during which I wondered what I was doing. I have been very well trained and it was very fun to do.

Is what you are doing your own stunts?

Whenever there is a waterfall that I do not participate, I am very careful to make a small carousel, to say that I could do myself. So they let me do some songs, but I fully understand why this is not always the case. We have turned a game a while ago, and I know that if I participated, I might have someone éborgné. So it is normal to have to do this stunt. They already let me run with a sword, so I think I really lucky.

Do you sometimes feel like a child on the set?

Broadly speaking, being an actor means being a child. You must have a vivid imagination as a child, and I believe it is necessary for a player to maintain that. Last year, I had to fight with a huge blue bag. From the outside it's ridiculous, people might wonder what I do. But this time I was immersed in my character, I was fighting a huge monster and I had to recreate it in my head. So perhaps be that this is a form of madness, but I think it is important for a player can get lost in these worlds.

Do you think that Arthur and Morgana are made for one another?

(long discussion) no. (Laughter) I think we can play much with the side of this brotherly relationship. Again, the way things are displayed, it seems difficult to really show the dark roots of each other? this story. The producers had the task of rounding the corners to an audience watching the series on a Saturday evening prime time. And because of that, it seems very difficult to explore this relationship.

It's time for the actor to prepare for his next movie. The sun is back, and crews continue to activate. Like the tourists, more and more while the day ahead. As for us, we wonder if Katie McGrath will dress her in purple just now ...

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