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Angel Coulby & Rupert Young to attend Memorabilia Show

Angel Coulby from BBC show Merlin is to meet fans at the Memorabilia Show from 20 - 21 November at the NEC.

Other actors attending the show include Tommy Knight and Anjili Mohindra from Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures, David Warner from films such as The Omen and Planet of the Apes, and Brian Murphy, Juliette Kaplan, Louis Emerick and Josephine Tewson from Last of the Summer Wine.

Organised by MCM Expo Group the event also features videogames, battling robots and a wrestling ring. 

Camelot comes to the NEC
 Angel Coulby (Gwen) and Rupert Young (Sir Leon) will make special appearance all day Saturday at Memorabilia. Angel & Rupert can currently be seen on BBC One in the world-wide hit series Merlin.

Merlin series 3 has been a big hit for BBC One. The third BBC series of 'Merlin' began with beauties Morgause (Emilia Fox) and Morgana (Katie McGrath) trying to bring about the destruction of Camelot. 'The Tears Of Uther Pendragon'. This story had probably the most spectacular special effects yet, including skeleton soldiers! 'Goblin's Gold' had a miscievous goblin who takes over Gaius, and makes Uther Pendragon go bald. What now awaits our heroes, watch BBC One Saturday Evening.


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