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Welcome To Drabble Tag

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Drabbles are usually 100 words or less, however that restriction has been waived.

How it works is that folks put forth 2 to 4 prompts, such as "Merlin spies on Morgana while she dresses", etc. You pick up one of the prompts put forth and write a drabble/ficlet about it. At the end of your drabble/ficlet you then have to put forth 2 to 4 prompts of your own and so forth. If you aren't a writer but have prompts you'd like to see in a drabble/ficlet, then start a new message in this thread with your prompts.


1). Anything Guinevere, Arthur or Arthur/Guinevere is allowed. Other pairings are allowed as well, but one of the our kids MUST be 1/2 or 1/3 of said pairing.

2). Your drabble/ficlet MUST fit into one LJ comment.

3). Rate your ficlet(G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17).

4). Any prompt can be written an unlimited number of times.

5). Enjoy yourselves.

This is our 3rd party for the NO MERLIN WEEK. The 2 previous fiestas are still open if anyone wants to write a little something or do a little macro:

HeroineXchange & MACRO ME BB: Part 3

Party #4: Picspam/Gif Story starting Thursday is a celebration of total and utter crack.
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