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Calling on Camelot Love to Help Haiti!

Hi all –

As I’m sure everybody’s heard by now, Haiti was pretty much devastated by a huge earthquake. The people down there are in need of help. I have a very good friend IRL whose entire extended family is down there – just received word that everybody is (miraculously) okay, but it’s been pretty overwhelming for him.

It struck me that since camelot_love has so many members now, that if we each donated something as measly as $1-$2 dollar or 1 GBP or 1 (insert your form of currency here) we’d all be able to contribute something. I mean, heck … if every member here, including the lurkers (eyes you) donated $2, we’d raise over $1400.

I’m not sure exactly how to make this fandom-related, but perhaps if we could get some of our fabulous arteeeeests (from the icon-makers to the fic writers) to make customized stuff for people who request it? Something quick and simple . . . one icon, or banner, or manip, or sketch, or drabble/comment-fic. It doesn't have to be worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize - it's just all about helping out. Then, once accomplished, the requester can make a donation to the Red Cross, Yele Haiti, or other worthy organizations out there?

Or, you know, you could donate out of the kindness of your heart, even if you don’t have an icon to bribe you with. =D

So I guess I’m calling for volunteers to provide icons/banners/manips/fic/art/whatever . . . and also wondering if members who don’t contribute but love to squee here would be interested in donating a paltry $1-$2?

For those who haven't already responded, please use this form below:

ETA: I'm going to close this thread now for volunteers, and hope to bring up the main post with the rules, masterlist of volunteers, and how to donate before 9 am US EST. Thanks to all the volunteers! If you've missed this thread but still would like to volunteer, please PM me before tomorrow morning and I'll gladly add you!

Thanks. =D

*gets off soapbox*
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