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Camelot Love's Help Haiti Thing-A-Thon

Lend A Helping Hand - Camelot Love(s) Haiti

Got a hankering for a certain comment fic that you know is simply made for imigination? Thinking your stash of icons is in need of an update and too afraid to ask the nicest poster in the world, robinmarian for a new icon because she might go "waaaaaaaaaaaaah"? Desperately wish you could borrow kepp0xy, fiiishy, and neptune47 for a day of making whatever the hell you want?

Wait no more.

In an effort to help those affected by the earthquake in Haiti, we’re having a free-for-all of sorts. Below are the names of volunteers who are willing to make fic, icons, vids, wallpapers, art WHATEVER!, for a little donation to a charity of your choice.


The Writers

The Awesome _autumncolours - fic. will not do: anything above mild R.
The Beautiful bana05 - fic.
The Babealicious bjthornton - fic. will not do: AU fics
The Darling dfriendly - fic. will not do: slash, incest, or anything extremely OOC. Can do up to NC-17. LATE ADDITION! =D See her subthread here. Please note she can only do 3 requests!
The Fantastic fiiishy - fic. will not do: anything that’s NOT crack! Also, can only do comment fic, or fic that’s not going to be especially long.
The Imaginative imigination - fic. will not do: Anything to make the characters WAAAAY OOC (unless it's for crack purposes), non-con/dub-con, BDSM, straight smut, bestiality, incest, threesomes
The Jezebel jazzebelles - fic. will not do: I definitely won't do non-con, or threesomes/fouresomes/etc. Other than that, the only thing I'd say is, my NC-17 writing is in its VERY EARLY baby years, lol, so...request that at your own peril?
The Killah keenan24 - fic. will not do: slash, non-con, dubcon, weak!Gwen, teary!Gwen, teary!Arthur.
The Kickass kepp0xy - fic. will not do: non-con, dub-con, simpering!Gwen, brutish!Arthur, stupid!Gwen or Arthur, victimized!Gwen; hcore BDSM, scat, overt slash/femmeslash (subtext = okay), uhh... I guess in general, prompts that would make any character fundamentally OOC in some way (ie: a prompt like, Gwen is a brutal dictator set to take over the world and only Arthur can temper her evil desires, or something like that :P) I think that's all. Will do RPF but not above R rating.
The ‘Mazin’ mara93 - fic. will not do: anything above R. will do mild R.
The Mackmommy maroon_sue - fic. will not do: slash, noncon.
The Stunning starry_laa - fic. will not do: slash, noncon, smut.
The Tricksy threemeows - fic. will not do: anything OOC for anybody, slash, threesomes, foursomes, etc., noncon, BDSM, but I’m more than happy to do OT3 or 4 friendship! Also, I’m willing to do RPF but the max rating on that is PG/PG-13.
The Talented tielan - fic. will not do: anything Arthur/Merlin or Morgana/Arthur unless they are part of the 0T4. LATE ADDITION. Please see her thread here.

The artists

The Awesome azangal_icons - icons, animations, wallpapers, banners. LATECOMER! See her thread here
The CoolasacucumbercuzshespoketoAngelandBradley cantseethesky - video, icons, wallpaper.
The Captivating crayford - can make buttons/badges. LATECOMER. SEE HER THREAD here
The Excellent eska_rina - art (drawings).
The Faboo fly_to_dawn - icons, headers, wallpapers, etc.
The Gorgeous goobalicious - art (drawings). Can only do up to PG-13ish art.
The Hellaawesome heather - icons, headers, etc.
The Moving mancalahour - icons, headers, wallpapers.
The Moxie-ish mattyroh07 - icons.
The Nomful neptune47 - art in any style you want (realistic, anime, cartoon, etc.) but if it’s a realistic piece can only do up to two figures. Also, can do Merlin/Arthur bromance but not slash or femmeslash. Can only do up to R rated art. Please note that due to the nature of her work to give her a bit of leeway when it comes to finishing your request.
The Precious purely_distel - will make A/G vids, around 1-2 minutes in length
The Rambunctious robinmarian - icons, headers, banners, wallpapers.
The YesIAmJustThatCoolinsideminds - set of up to 10 icons OR a profile banner OR a journal header/background OR a phone/computer wallpaper,

The writers AND the artists

The Charming charmx_serenity - fic, icon, banners, animations will not do - I definitely can't write R/NC-17 fics. Or slash for that matter. I can't do Arthur/Morgana either (so an Gwen/Arthur/Morgana vid/fic/graphic can't come from me).
The Dreamy thedreamygirl - fic, icons, banners, picspam. will not do: NC-17, noncon, threesomes/foursomes, etc., weak!Gwen. For graphics, nothing above PG. Is happy to do OT3/4 friendship.
The Fabulous felix_aeternus - fic, icons, banners, drawings. will not do: manips (sorry). will not do: R, non-con, slash.

Er . . . sorry about the nicknames. I fail at being cute! D=


1. Whatever the work, whatever the request, it must somehow relate to Gwen and/or Arthur. RPF is allowed BUT FOR THIS ONE TIME ONLY. Absolutely no L/G, Arthur/Morgana, or Arthur/Merlin by themselves.

2. Ficcers – please try and limit your work to comment-fic. For iconers, banner-makers, and artists … I have no idea how long it takes you to make your stuff, but I leave it to your discretion. But I’d like to keep this quick and efficient, so we can raise as much money as fast as possible.

3. Please respect the volunteers preferences. If a volunteer says he/she won’t write an R-rated fic, don’t request an R-rated fic.

4. PLEASE BE PATIENT WHILE WAITING FOR YOUR WORK TO BE COMPLETED. I’m leaving it up to the discretion of the artist/ficcer as to how quickly she can churn out stuff. For some people, wallpapers are a breeze but icons are troublesome, and vice versa, you know? As you wait, though, please donate if you haven’t already!

5. EACH VOLUNTEER IS LIMITED TO 5 REQUESTS PER MEDIUM. So, if, like felix_aeternus volunteers for writing fic, making icons, and drawing something, she gets 5 requests for fic, 5 requests for the icons and the drawings, making her total 10. Once five requests are used up, if, and only if, the volunteer wants to, she can PM me and I’ll open up another request subthread. If she doesn’t . . . well, consider some other lovely artists and authors instead, yes/yes?

6. DONATIONS: It’s pretty much impossible to make sure you actually donate. But I’m trusting the goodness of people’s hearts – or, if you have a scanner and can scan in your e-receipt or whatever, or know how to take screenshots, please do (but black out your important info). Or pinky-swear. If you’re technically deficient like me, there are some organizations that allow you to make a donation in the name of somebody and send that somebody an e-card. I’ve created an e-mail account,, where you can send those e-cards, if you’re so inclined. =D This is a donations subthread where people can post their evidence, even if it’s just you saying, "Hey, I donated a total of 20 bucks to Yele Haiti". Please see below for a link of all the fab organizations you can donate to!

7. HOW TO REQUEST A WORK: Please comment in the volunteer’s subthread with your request and amount you want to donate. Please make sure the amount is at least $1, 1 GBP, 1 AUS, etc. However, it is up to the volunteer’s discretion to ask you for a little bit more. For instance, if you’re a requesting a massive picspam, or a video, or something that’s going to end up being more than a comment-fic, and you're offering only a buck, the volunteer has the right to ask you to up the amount a bit. =) The volunteer also has the right to totally refuse and say that she’s not willing to do something bigger than a comment-fic, a set of 5 icons, etc.

8. HOW TO POST YOUR WORK: Volunteers, please post your finished work as a reply to the request. If need be, provide links. Spread the joy and love.



There are so many great organizations out there! Please see here for a very comprehensive list of charitable organizations that could use your donations.

littleweasel1 also kindly pointed out to me an organization, believe it or not, called Merlin that has a small medical emergency response team in Haiti. If you'd like to donate to them, their website is here

Also, please see help_haiti if you want to bid on fanworks from all different kinds of tv and movies, not just Merlin’s Gwen and Arthur. Or Gwenthur. Or Arwen. =P

If the organization accepts a donation in the name of somebody and sends an e-mail or e-card to that somebody, be sure to use the following e-mail address, if you’re so inclined: (Note that it’s camelot loves, not just camelot love)


P.S. Finally, just want to give robinmarian a shoutout for, not only making this quickie banner for the cause, but also for getting various members of her family to pledge around $280 just to spend on this Thing-A-Thon. =D

P.P.S. If you missed the call for volunteers post the other day, and would still like to volunteer, please PM me and I'll gladly add you in! :)

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