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Fic: Spring Fling - It's time to leave me

Title: It's time to leave me
Author: mustbethursday3
Rating: G
Word count: 7900ish (I post and edit and write, so who knows XD)
Characters/Pairings: Guinevere/Arthur, slight Guinevere/Lancelot.
Spoilers: None. It's a Modern AU.
Summary: Fate keeps leading Gwen and Arthur back to each other, while other people leave them behind.
Pretty much I try and answer the question - what happens if you start to see the hospital as your safeplace.
They've got some issues. They've got snark. They've got banter. They have each other. And two people in comas.
Disclaimer: I don't own Merlin, SIGH . . . imagine being able to steer the storylines . . . *drools*
Prompt(s): Written for camelot_love's Spring Fling, F-22. Gwen picks flowers. Yes, this is what happens when mydoctortennant leaves the most vague and slightly boring prompt ever . . . AND I TAKE IT XD . . . AND I RUN. FAR.

Author's notes: Eli is Gwen's nickname for Lance Elliot . . . which I'm sure you can all work out is ol'Lancey pants modernized. The title is a lyric from 'Open your eyes' by Andrew Belle. And in this fic I sort of flit around in the timeline and have snippets of news reports squeezed in, hope I don't disorientate you too much XD.

he finds his eyes drifting to the small bouquet of flowers she’s clutching in front of her; buds of red, yellow and soft blues. Wildflowers . . .
Tags: !community: hiatus 2010, activity: spring fling, fanwork: fic, genre: angst, genre: romance, length: one-shot, pairing: arthur/guinevere/lancelot, rating: g, writer: mustbethursday3

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