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-- A Love Worth Fighting For

Camelot Love
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A BBC Arthur/Guinevere Community

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Welcome to camelot_love, the shipper comm for the Prince & the Handmaiden. This community was specifically created to celebrate the relationship of the future king and queen of Camelot, as based on the BBC fantasy/drama, Merlin.

If you hate Arthur/Guinevere or even Guinevere, this is most definitely not the place for you.

Want to introduce yourself to the COMM, no need to create an entry. Just do so in our GETTING TO KNOW YOU MEME.

Any issues at all, drop us a PM posthaste or use our PAGE-A-MOD SERVICE.





Moderated Membership

Pro's and Cons. This is the pro:

Because the stupid, IT BURNS!!!!!

In case you missed it the membership of this COMM is moderated. Basically you'll have to apply for membership, the MODS will receive your request and accept/reject it.

New and empty journals are suspect and will be rejected, unless a known member here can vouch that you love our kids and aren't here to start trouble.

Journals with nothing in them but are more than 6 months old are also suspect and will be rejected, unless a known member here can vouch for you.

Other criterion's are considered for membership, but in the words of Merlin, "We'll keep the magic secret."

If you feel you've been unfairly rejected then please leave a comment on why you should be approved in our POTENTIAL MEMBERS ENTRY.

P.S. The new LJ comment search feature is the greatest thing ever.


Images: Merlin's Keep

* Thanks to scarlettpeony for creating the beautiful icons that appear in our COMM profile.

* Thanks also goes out to grlmonday who will be creating our beautiful episode discussion banners and who also made our previous COMM header.

* Thanks to racheldinozzo & jenova_genesis who made our present header.

* And last but not least, special thanks to our amazing members who have made this COMM come alive with the squee, the fics, videos and the fanart.

*All entries that are not fanart, fic or otherwise graphic related(like screencaps) must be locked.* See this POST for the listing.

1). Absolutely no Actor/Character bashing in this community. If you don't like Arthur or Guinevere or Arthur/Guinevere together, you shouldn't be here. Any post against the couple, the characters, or Bradley and Angel will be deleted, and the poster will be banned. I hope you're all grown up enough to know what is bashing and what isn't.

2). Discussion regarding Lancelot cannot be avoided and we welcome it. However discussion on Lancelot as a stand alone character isn't allowed, nor is discussion about the Lancelot/Guinevere pairing allowed in this COMM. If you want to discuss him as he pertains to Arthur/Guinevere that is a-ok by us. A/G vs. L/G discussions are a big hell no and will get you banned with a quickness if you dare start such discussions. Keep in mind that not everyone here will have love for Lancelot, you will need to respect that and not bitch/whine/moan/complain about folks not liking him, for whatever reason.

3). Tag all entries. If it isn't tagged, one of the MODS will request that you tag it. If you don't respond to the request, the entry will be deleted. This is what our tags system looks like, so please familiarize yourself with them: TAGS.

* All entries must have a subject heading. As with tagging the same rule applies: If we sent you a request to add a heading and you don't respond the entry will be deleted.

* Anything posted under a lock should not be posted or cut/pasted off the COMM. Any entry with a download link must be locked. Mvids(of your own creation) are the only exception.


4). We accept all fan art, fan vids, and fics pertaining to the Prince Arthur/Guinevere pairing. Any adult material should be clearly marked and under a cut.

All fanfic must have the following heading: Just copy and paste:

* Arthur/Guinevere MUST be the pairing of any fic posted on this COMM and not in a 'Arthur or Guinevere is in love with Merlin/Morgana/Lancelot/Gaius/Uther/Sir Leon/Spock/Bella/His Horse, etc' and is only using/abusing each other until their true love comes back to them.

* Absolutely no incest or 'implied' incest fics allowed.

* All fanfic must be tagged with a rating along with a pairing tag if A/G is not the only relationship being featured.

The ratings system is as follows: TAGGING 101

For fanart and vids:

* Only 3 icon previews are allowed and they MUST all be of A/G, Arthur or Guinevere.

* Only 1 preview allowed for wallpapers/headers.

* All graphics above the cut must only be 400x300 px or smaller. They can be up to 10 px bigger but any larger than that and you'll be asked to re-size or place it under a cut.

* All embedded videos must be re-sized to 450x200 or go under an LJ_CUT. Non-compliance will result in your entry being deleted.

5).We love spoilers, however we have to respect the fact that some members will not want to read them and therefore the LJ-CUT is thy friend, so please use it. Put all spoilers under a cut and put in the subject heading that there are spoilers ahead.

6). Do not disable comments on a post and do not post entries that lead to locked journals. Such entries will be deleted with no warning.

7). We don't accept posts that are gossip, i.e. about who is dating whom, etc.

8). Do not under circumstances promote or prompt anything without asking the MODS first. We don't care it its another COMM, a ficathon or whatever. Common courtesy dictates that you ask first or the entry will be deleted as soon as its seen by a MOD.

9). Posts about Bradley and Angel's solo projects, pictures, news about the show, etc. are all welcome - we love any excuse to stare at the pretty and flail!.

10). Be respectful.

11). This isn't a rule, more so a piece of advice: For your own sanity stay out of places that engage in A/G wank/bashing and hate. Trust us, you'll be the better for it.
*our sisters in mischief*

For general Merlin/other shows, other ships/characters/actors & even Arthur/Guinevere fics, news, art, discussion, etc. be sure to visit the communities and/or websites linked to below:

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morganafay - A general COMM to discuss all things Morgana/Morgan Le Fay.

thefuturequeen - Focuses on Guinevere,"The Once & Future Queen".

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ag_stills - A weekly Arthur/Guinevere icon contest community.

prittypics - A HI-DEF Screencap community for shows such as Merlin, Smallville, Supernatural & Spartacus: Blood & Sand.

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beforethelegend - Created to celebrate the generation before Arthur and Merlin in BBC's Merlin.

came_a_lot - A community for Merlin kink involving all pairings.

ag_fics - An Arthur/Guinevere fic challenge community.

merlincast2020 - An icon challenge community for the cast of the show.

Would you like to affiliate with us?
Drop us a line via PM.

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